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Are you currently asking any of these questions?

* Why are our sales declining?
* Are you recruiting the right staff?
* How do we keep our sales staff motivated?
* Is it possible for our sales staff to take Ownership & Accountability?
* Paying a fortune to recruit?
* Do we have the right Sales Manager?
* Do we potentially need Coaching or Training?
* Are we struggling with remuneration or commission structures?
* Do we need help with performance management?
* Where can we make improvements and how quickly can we do so?
* What is the best system for us to manage our operation?
* Why can’t all of our sales people / managers perform equally well?
* Why has training alone not delivered the results we wanted?

If these questions resonate with your current situation and you are questioning any of these areas then an MW Coaching Audit will provide an objective, practical, evidence-based report on how effective your sales and marketing strategy is as well as how well it is being implemented ‘on-the-ground’.

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