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Take the first step in taking your POWER back & book a free 1 on 1 consultation with me today. I have been empowering and inspiring people in recovery for well over 20 years. Together we will empower you to take your power back, eliminate any negative beliefs which may be holding you back and to focus on taking your control back!

Today is yours, the question is what are you going to do today to take your control back?

- Mark Wyngaard, Founder of MW Coaching

"Happiness is directly related to the way we think, behave and interact on a daily basis."

Mark Wyngaard

Think about this...

What is the next step in your recovery? What would a new you look like? What have you learned through your past experience that you can use in your new life?

Your past does not define you, it allows you to take your past experiences which I call “feedback” and to implement your feedback into your journey ahead. You cannot live in the past and expect to have a new lease of life. How can you see where you are going if you are looking behind you?

Too often I hear “why me”. My believe is why stagnate in this question. Why not ask yourself: "How can I help or support others who are suffering too?". You cannot change what has transpired but you can take your power back and take control of your feeling, thoughts & actions, one day at a time.

In these challenging times, what does your new life look like, do you have a written plan of action, or strategy, for your life?  This is the route map that you should be directing your thoughts & actions in order to realize the New Life you deserve!

When you plan a journey by road, you choose the destination, the vehicle which you will travel in, the route you will follow, where you refuel, sleep, eat and the money required for the journey. You can also use this analogy to describe your life’s journey ahead.

My Mission

My Mission is to be of service & empower individuals worldwide by teaching them the tools to lay a foundation they can re-build their lives on.

My Vision

My Vision is to share our positive experiences to everyone who has suffered in one way or another.

How I can help you

Being stuck in your live and living in your head keeps you from living the life you dream of & deserve. Acknowledging & sharing your vulnerability and your inner fears is the first step towards change and growth.

While your circumstances may be unique and personal to you, you need to take inventory of where you are & where it is, you want to go. This is where I come in. I will help empower you to take that first step in your new journey. I will help you with direction and focus and to create a step by step plan while keeping you accountable.

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What clients say...

Mark’s coaching has had an overall positive effect on changing my way of thinking and my behaviour. I am more proactive and positive in my approach to work and personal life while overcoming negativities and challenges. Mark’s coaching helped in all aspects of my life – including professional and personal aspects.

Lecia van Rooyen

Mark has helped me to not lose focus on my end goal. I can break the goal down into smaller, simpler, more doable goals. I am able to follow a step by step process which allows me to not get so overwhelmed and focus on one thing at a time. I can visualise my goals and how they will make me feel once they have been achieved. 

Claudine Maarman

I feel my life is a lot more structured since using my diary to plan each day - including my personal life.  I am more proactive than I have ever been, and I feel more in control of things than I have in the past. This has had a big impact on my business.

Cindy Boucher

Mark's coaching gave me practical steps to take during a challenging time in my life. I learned how to step back when there's chaos & working on building a foundation & making seemingly difficult goals become a reality. I would recommend Mark for his patience, practicality, and empathetic coaching.

Dawn Flaherty

During the initial sessions I came to understand more about myself and how I operate.  I had to face up to my short comings, but at no time was I made to feel a failure or that I could not improve. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who wishes to improve on areas in their life, be it business or personal.

Louise Brown

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