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My life has been filled with many high’s & low’s, from addiction to burn out. Although I achieved what I thought was success in my career I was chasing a void in my life which I thought money could fill. The truth is no amount of money or success could. I talk with a lot of hindsight now but at the time I could not see the wood from the trees.

The more money I made the more I would look to fill that void that was burning bright in my life. My business was successful, people looked at me as successful, but I knew deep down money & success could not fill that empty space. My life changed when I hit rock bottom & my marriage ended and out of desperation, I reached out for help and started to work on myself. I look within and sat with my feelings of despair and why I had this void in my life. 

After many dark days of depression, I started to get back to what made me happy & fulfilled and ignored how much money I could make as I know money did not have any impact on my soul. I realise I was trying to be someone that I was not, trying to impress others with my success. I did not want to show the World who I really was, trying to cover up who I was deep down, someone who was scared, lonely & vulnerable. 

While at rock bottom I decided I was going to be of service to those in need and become a professional life coach, what a great way to get myself out of my self-pity that decision was. The morale of my story is I lost my authenticity, I lost my self-worth & I lost what made me happy. Chasing success stopped me from sitting with my feelings and moving me further from being authentic. 

The moment I genuinely started helping & caring about others with integrity was the moment I felt that was where my happiness and true success is. 

Today, my mission is to help others to connect with their authenticity and soul. To grow and be true to yourself. 

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I have over 20 years of coaching experience

4000+ HOURS

I have over 4000 coaching hours on my account

The results in my life & my business have been amazing, I show up with my clients as I am. I am vulnerable, authentic & true to myself. The weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can just be me and being of service to my clients is what I live for!

If you have recently been affected by addiction, illness, job loss, divorce and need to rediscover your authenticity & your true self, call me today. Discover your true authentic self.

I have trained as a recovery coach with the U-ACT who are aligned with the International Coaches Register & the Institute of Master Coaches South Africa I hold a coaching diploma (LCH Dip: IIC & Association of Coaching) from Curly Martin, the best-selling author and pioneer of life/business coaching in Europe. I am also an NLP practitioner and my qualification was attained from one of the most prominent companies in NLP training today, “NLP World”. (NLP): ANLP & AIP | Time Based Techniques Practitioner | Hypnosis Practitioner: AIP. As an Integrative Enneagram practitioner (Integrative 9), I am qualified to do full profiling of companies’ staff members and define how they each operate within the teams.

But more importantly, I have been where you are right now. Let me help you discover your light. I promise, it is there and it’s brighter than you think!

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Your Happiness is directly related to the way you think, behave and interact on a daily basis.

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