Sales Training Workshop

MW Coaching introduces a highly interactive 6 hour workshop for Sales and Customer Service Staff that will teach them the vital methods of creating INSTANT RAPPORT & BEST PRACTICE FOR SALES.

The workshop is designed to equip participants with tools to help them align themselves with your customers’ NEEDS and Implementation of STRUCTURE & ACCOUNTABILITY whether they are seeing your customers face to face or dealing with them over the phone.

sales training mw coaching

What is Rapport?

A close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other’s feelings or ideas and communicate well.


The Hard Truth:

You could have the best product or service offering in the market; however, if your sales and customer service staff are not creating a rapport with your potential customers, your sales will never be truly representative of the great attributes your products or services have to offer. Your sales and customer service staff may be your ‘weakest link’ when they should be your strongest. This is why Sales training is an important part of your staff training programs.

“We all know people buy people”


The Sales Training Solution

Knowing our Closing Ratio’s:

Creating a clear path to achieving our targets.

State of mind:

Checking in with our current state of mind & bringing our state to an alert & focused consciousness.


Goal setting.

Clients preferred Representational Language:

Speak the same language.

Deep listening skills:

On what level are we listening to our clients?

Mirror & Matching:

Create rapport

Back tracking:

Summarising and closing the deal

Matching the client’s needs:

Do not dump your ‘toolbox’

Handling Objections:

Reframing to suit the client


Getting your staff to buy-in

Time & Diary management:

Avoid procrastination, create structure & focus.

Pro-Active vs Re-Active:

What am I going to do today that will bring me closer to my goals?

Eliminate time wasters:

Who is a buyer?

This workshop is highly interactive to ensure what is learned is implemented accordingly.

It is no use paying for sales training if your sales staff are not accountable to implement what they have learned.

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